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Welcome to The Market Basket, we are so glad you found our page! Here’s a little bit of our history. Our store was founded in 1960 by Tony Chernalis, and what started out as a small dream grew into an inspiring reality.

From left to right. Mark Chernalis, Tony Chernalis, and Zach Chernalis

Our Story

Tony started out in Wyckoff New Jersey as a small butcher shop that focused on prime meats, which then expanded into off premise catering, prepared foods, and so much more. He focused heavily on having good relationships within his community and serving the best quality food on the market. Tony believed in having good company, good quality, but more importantly, good food. He was a pioneer in the prepared food industry, and we still are serving his favorite dishes in our store to this day!

We continue to live up to Tony’s original values by not cutting corners and taking the time to prepare food the right way – our way. We make nearly everything in store from scratch with only the best quality ingredients available to us. Some of our more notable Market Basket selections include our homemade dips and spreads found in our Cheese Department. We make our own homemade ice cream, fresh pressed orange juice, and old pressed juices. And of course our homemade marinara sauce, imported olive oil, and our hand-pulled mozzarella are a must-try in store! We also offer store-made gift baskets that make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Everyone that has stopped in our store knows that we are so much more than just a grocery store, we are a family. Whether you talk to one of the chefs in our kitchen, our bakers, or cashiers, we all work hard as a team to ensure you are well taken care of. It is our goal to provide each and every customer with a memorable experience when they step into our stores and allow them to taste The Market Basket difference!

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