Meet Chef Jorge

Jorge is the head chef in our Gourmet to Go Department and enjoys experimenting with his love of cooking to constantly be cooking up something delicious for our customers!

Chef Jorge


“Cooking is my passion,” Jorge says. “I love food, I love cooking for people and watching them smile as they try my dishes.” Jorge was born in Providence Rhode Island close to Johnson and Whales University where as a child his mother took him to watch the culinary students cook. Ever since then he says he was intrigued.


Jorge has a lifetime of experience working in the kitchen. Starting at age 13 Jorge worked as a baker’s assistant which sparked his career in the food industry. Jorge attended the Culinary Academy of New York. After he graduated, Jorge began an internship at Vong by chef Jean George where he was introduced to French Thai fusion cooking. He then moved on to work for a company that catered private planes while also working private events for our catering team. He found his home here at the Market Basket and enjoys showing customers his cooking knowledge and skills.

Jorge is known for his pepper steak dish you can find right in our store! He also is known for his various variations of Osso Bucco.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

His favorite part about working at the Market Basket is that he has the freedom to create many different dishes and experiment in various aspects of cooking. With his expertise and passion for food, you can always find Jorge in the kitchen making something new and delicious for customers to try!

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