Meet Chef Tony

Antonio is the head chef of our seafood department and is constantly creating new and unique dishes for our customers in all areas of the store!

Chef Tony


Antonio found his love for cooking in high school when his dad had to undergo open heart surgery and could only eat certain foods. Antonio would cook for him, and he found a passion for cooking which then later developed into him starting his career as a chef. He also recently recovered from esophageal cancer and while he says it has been a struggle, his love for cooking is ever prominent and is an outlet for him to develop new recipes and showcase his latest creations in our store. He loves creating healthy meals that can fit in his restrictive diet and enjoys teaching others about healthy eating and sharing his wealth of knowledge about all thing’s food.

Antonio graduated from Johnson and Wales University and picked up most of his cooking techniques while working in NYC. He has worked in establishments such as Café Panache, Citrus Grill, and was also the owner of The Fat Kat in Little Ferry, New Jersey prior to joining the Market Basket team.


He is known for his diverse and creative dishes including his pretzel crusted chicken, everything bagel seasoning salmon, and coconut halibut. His culinary skills add color and flare to the store.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

He says that his favorite part about working here at The Market Basket is that our store is knowledgeable of his craft and allows him total carte blanche, full freedom to be expressive and create new and unique dishes for others to enjoy.

“Anyone can work somewhere and be called a chef, but a chef is someone that cooks from the heart and has passion,” Antonio says.

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