Meet Butcher Kevin

Kevin enjoys perfecting his butchering skills working in our meat department. You can always find him with a smile ready to lend a helping hand!



One of our butchers, Kevin, knows the ins and outs of our store and has been in virtually every department. He started out in our Gourmet to Go Department, then he moved onto being a driver. Kevin has worked in our produce department, as a cashier, in our deli, and seafood departments. He currently works in our meat department as one of our butchers and has been with our Market Basket family for over the last 5 years.


Kevin says one of his favorite things about working in our meat department is helping customers create something custom. Whether that be cutting a specialty steak, roast, or simply preparing things the way a customer wants to create a one of a kind shopping experience. “Our meat department is so unique in that it allows customers to have our products sliced or prepared really any way they want and I think that is something very cool about us.”

He says his favorite product in our meat department would have to be our cheddar bacon bratwursts that we make in house, but he also loves our prime club steaks as well that taste delicious on the grill.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

Kevin says his favorite part about working here at The Market Basket would be the people. He loves building relationships with those who work around him, customers and he also likes to have fun at the same time. He also enjoys learning and perfecting his butchering skills. “Our department is unique because it is more of a ‘trade’ than anything else, you can always learn new things and perfect your skills,” he says.

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