Meet Cheesemonger Liz

Liz’s kind personality and love for teaching brighten up our cheese department. She always loves sharing her knowledge with others and helping customers find the perfect cheese pairings!



Liz started out in the food industry at just 16 years old! She worked in the kitchen at a local restaurant and from there went on to work at an ice cream shop and even helped out working in the kitchen at a local hospital. She also got her bachelor’s degree in education and pursued a career as a teacher for 4 years. Liz grew up in Costa Rica, and after moving to the United States she found her home with us at the Market Basket. Liz has been a part of our Market Basket family since 2018!

“People ask me why I did not stay with teaching as a career path – I tell them that I am always teaching in the store. I love teaching customers how to pair cheeses and share my knowledge with them.”


Liz says her favorite thing about working in the cheese department would be creating new charcuterie boards. “They are fun to make, and they are made for people to gather together and enjoy which I love,” she says.

“I consider myself a romantic, and all romantics love two things – cheese and wine. And I love cheese so being here has always been perfect for me,” she says.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

“Working here really feels like we are part of a family,” Liz says. “Being a part of a family is not easy all the time, but we all learn to understand one another and work together to achieve the same goals.”

Liz loves helping customers and answering any questions they may have. You can always find Liz in our cheese department with a smile ready to share her knowledge and offer a helping hand.

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