Chef Kevin plating

Meet Chef Kevin

Kevin is the head chef here at The Market Basket and has a passion for cooking. He loves experimenting in the kitchen and staying active by creating different dishes for our customers.

Chef Kevin plating


Kevin attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. He loved attending culinary school and found his home here at The Market Basket after graduating. He has been with our Market Basket family for 24 years.


Kevin started out in high school working in the kitchen at a local luncheonette. From there he started working catering events after hours. He found a love for watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks and being active in the kitchen. The more experience he gained in the kitchen, the more he found a love for the industry. Kevin found a passion for cooking and enjoys experimenting with different dishes. From baking cookies, to cooking for the holidays or making meals for his family – Kevin takes pride in all he does as a chef.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

Kevin says his favorite part about working at The Market Basket is the family he has created here. “The most important part about working here is the people,” he says. He enjoys having fun in the kitchen and sharing his culinary expertise with those around him.

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