Meet Deli Deli Assistant Manager Anny

Anny has a wealth of knowledge in the food industry and has even curated some of our signature store products like our Anny’s Reuben! You can always find her in our deli department with a smile ready to help our customers.

Anny's Reuben


Born and raised in Uden, Netherlands – Anny grew up experiencing a world of culture before moving to the United States where she started her journey in the food industry. Anny graduated from the McDonald’s college in Maryland and then became store manager upon receiving her credentials.

“I’ve worked with food my whole life,” Anny says. She spent 8 years at a local deli among other jobs in the food industry and later found her home at The Market Basket in 1989. Anny has been a part of the Market Basket family for over 34 years!


“The customers are my favorite part of working in the deli,” Anny says. “Getting to know them, building relationships with others and having people recognize and appreciate the work that you do is something I love.”

With all of Anny’s experience in the food industry, she has a wealth of knowledge for all things in our deli department. Annie even created one of our signature sandwiches – the “Anny’s Reuben.” This sandwich is a customer favorite filled with our corned beef, pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut with Russian dressing and mustard on 3 pieces of rye toast! Anny says this is one of her favorite sandwiches to make in our deli as well as our signature Turker sandwich.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

“Having a goal I can look forward to when I get up in the morning is one of my favorite parts about working here,” Anny says. “Everybody has to have a purpose in the morning when they get up, and I enjoy having my purpose here when I come to work. I always get to meet new customers and connect with people on a daily basis.”

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