Meet Grocery Manager Colin

As our grocery manager and buyer, Colin is always on the lookout for the best products available on the market for our store. If you need help finding a product or are looking for a recommendation – Colin is always ready to lend a helping hand!



Colin attended the French Culinary Institute and graduated in 2005. “Culinary school was a blast,” he says. “I still enjoy cooking and will always love to cook.”

He started out in the food industry working as a chef at a local restaurant. From there he went on to be manager of a chef culinary store. Colin joined our team in 2015 and has been with our Market Basket family for over 8 years!


As our grocery manager and grocery buyer, Colin is responsible for keeping our shelves stocked with new and exciting products for our customers. He keeps track of all of our store products as well like our homemade Market Basket marinara or our imported E.V.O.O.

Colin says his favorite grocery product would be Truff hot sauce. He also enjoys Top Seeds crackers that are made out of seeds and are keto and paleo friendly. “I am always looking for products that set us apart from all of the regular grocery stores,” he says. “It keeps us interesting and we have a fresh selection of products for people.”

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

Colin says his favorite part about working at the Market Basket would be the people. “I love the people I get to work with. I also love helping customers, trying to help them find what they are looking for or offer recommendations. They are really good people to be able to interact with everyday.”

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