Meet Produce Buyer Mike

Mike’s cheerful personality and attention to detail highlight our produce department. As produce buyer, Mike is always looking for fresh, high quality products to fill our store!

Produce Buyer Mike


Mike started out at the Paterson produce market as a buyer for over 20 years. “My entire family has always been in produce,” says Mike. “My father was a produce buyer and even my father’s father was a produce buyer. I grew up going into Hunts Point Market in New York with my dad when I was in high school and that’s always what I’ve been interested in doing,” he says. Mike has been with our Market Basket family for 8 years.


As our produce buyer, Mike is responsible for keeping our store stocked with the most fresh, quality products he can find. We send our fleet of 18-wheelers into Hunts Point Market in NYC frequently during the week to source the best produce available for our store. Mike says he arrives at the market at roughly 3:30 am to get first pick at the best products! “I go from trailer to building to trailer to building to look for the highest quality and best priced items I can find,” he says.

Mike visually inspects and sources the freshest produce at great prices. In our produce market, you will find items such as exotic tropical fruits, wild mushrooms, and fresh herbs. ”The produce is bought, brought to our warehouse, put in our temperature controlled cooler, and is later distributed to be sold in our store,” he says.

“My favorite products would have to be the seasonal items,” Mike says. “There are different fruits and vegetables from all around the world and you never know what you are going to get.”

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

“I enjoy talking about produce to customers and helping them with their needs,” Mike says. “I am very blessed to work for a company whos quality of product is as high as mine.”

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