Meet Warehouse General Manager Paul

Paul is our warehouse general manager and has curated a multitude of our signature products like our ice cream and chocolate lines! You can always find Paul being creative in the kitchen or managing our warehouse production for the store.



Paul started out working at a local ice cream shop. He spent time learning the business and later became friends with the chocolatier that made the chocolates for the ice cream store. He learned everything there is to know about all things sweet and gained his knowledge apprenticing and learning how to make homemade chocolates and ice cream. From there, he went on to run his own business, he owned and ran a deli shop for 5 years. After selling his shop, he found his home here at The Market Basket.

With his wealth of knowledge in the kitchen, Paul transformed our store and created many of our signature products. He started by curating our very own line of homemade ice cream. We carry a variety of flavors including our black raspberry, Oreo smash, pumpkin spice, and of course classics like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. We also have homemade sorbets! He then went on to curate our line of store-made chocolates. Paul is an expert chocolatier and loves creating new products for our customers to enjoy. He helped us create everything from our raspberry cordials to our nonpareils! All the chocolate we sell in store has been created by hand from a team of our very own talented chocolatiers.

Paul not only created our ice cream and chocolate lines, but he also handles all the cheese, pastry, and gourmet grocery ordering for the store. He oversees everything in production as our general warehouse manager and has been with our Market Basket family for over 32 years!


Paul ensures that everything in our commissary kitchen runs smoothly by handling all production responsibilities, assigning tasks to the head of our departments, and keeping track of all of the items needed for our chefs to create the delicious items we sell in store.

“I’ve always been a food lover. I like developing new items or seeking out new products for our store, and I get to do it for a living,” Paul says. Paul is proud of the entire line of chocolates and ice cream he has curated, but he says his favorite item is our caramel pretzels. “Delicious salted pretzels coated in a layer of warm melted caramel, coated with both dark and milk chocolate and drizzled with more white chocolate on top – I’ve never seen anyone do anything like it!,” he says.

Favorite Part Working at Market Basket

Helping to maintain and improve the quality of the items we sell in store is one of Paul’s favorite things about working here he says. “Hearing people say, ‘I love Market Basket’ and knowing that I had a part in that by helping to create and develop products we sell is something I love,” he says.

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