We all know the way to dad’s heart is through his stomach. What better way to show him you care than with a lunch from the Market Basket of course!

All dad’s love our classic sandwiches offered in our Deli Department.We’ve picked our top 10 favorite sandwiches dad is sure to enjoy this Father’s Day.

We even offer deli catering for the whole family! Our sandwich and wrap platters are perfect for entertaining and your guests are sure to love them this Father’s Day.


1. Decker Delight

We all know and love this favorite delicatessen creation… our Decker Delight! Filled with Virginia ham and melted Muenster cheese with bacon and Russian dressing on a Miami-style onion roll!

2. Backwoods Brisket

There’s nothing dad loves more than BBQ! This sandwich comes with our very own sliced house-smoked brisket with melted cheddar cheese and is lightly brushed with BBQ sauce, topped with coleslaw on a lightly toasted long roll. The rich and smokey flavors of the brisket are complimented by our homemade cole slaw for that perfect bite!

Backwoods Brisket
Beer Cheddar Cheese Steak

3. Cheesesteak (And Beer Cheddar Cheesesteak)

Dad’s two favorite combinations make up this perfect deli selection – Beer & Cheese. Our Cheesesteak is a store favorite! Filled with shell steak, melted Cooper cheese, sautéed onions & peppers on a lightly toasted long roll. For an extra special treat try our Beer Cheddar Cheesesteak with our homemade beer cheddar spread added to really enhance those delicious cheesy flavors!

4. The Turker

Everyone knows and loves this classic delight – The Turker! Fresh turkey with bacon, lettuce, and tomato slices topped with Russian dressing on a long roll. This simple yet delicious deli selection is always a crowd favorite and is sure to satisfy your hunger.


5. Forester

Like all dad’s, our Forester sandwich is unique! We start off with one of our homemade croissants then fill it with black forest ham and melted Brie cheese and top honey mustard! This sweet and savory sandwich is delightful to enjoy any time of day!

6. Sloppy Joe Club

Standing high and mighty is our Sloppy Joe Club. Fillings of roast beef, turkey and coleslaw with Russian dressing are piled high between not two but three pieces of rye bread! If dad says “Go big or go home,” – then he is sure to love this sandwich selection!

Sloppy Joe Club
Chicken Parm

7. Chicken Parm

Our breaded chicken cutlet strips with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella on a lightly toasted long roll make up our delicious chicken parm sandwich! This sandwich is packed with protein and tastes like your favorite Italian comfort food. Of course we can’t forget about the fresh melted mozzarella on top cause we all know dad’s love cheese.

8. Steak & Egg Ciabatta

Cause “There has never been a sadness that breakfast food can’t cure,” – our next recommendation is of course from our breakfast sandwich menu! We know all dad’s love two things – breakfast & steak. So we thought it fitting to add our Steak & Egg Ciabatta sandwich to our list! Fried eggs with sliced shell steak & aged cheddar cheese on a lightly toasted ciabatta roll makes this breakfast sandwich near perfection.

Steak & Egg Ciabatta
Custom Creation

9. Custom Creation

Dad can’t decide on what to order? Customize your own creation! Choose from your favorite deli selections and curate the ultimate sandwich dad will love this Father’s Day!

You can even order ahead of time on our very own Market Basket Deli App!

10. Our Homemade Hot Dogs

Dads define hot dogs as a sandwich, debate over. It pairs well with beer and sitting down. We make our hot dogs from scratch! A special blend of spices is added to every batch and mixed to perfection. Our hot dogs use all-natural casings and are even hand twisted and tied by hand! The hot dogs are smoked in our very own commissary kitchen until a nice golden brown color. If dad is ready to fire up his grill this weekend – these are a must have! Don’t forget to try our homemade burger blends too!

Learn more about our homemade hot dogs and burger blends on our previous blog post – CLICK HERE.

Store-Made Hot Dogs
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