Fourth of July is right around the corner! Don’t forget to pick-up some of our favorite selections!

We’ve highlighted the best of everything we have to offer for this Fourth of July.


Prime Meats

We source the best Prime and Wagyu Beef available.  What’s Prime Beef? The USDA grades beef based on the density of marbling, which gives it that melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Less than 2% of all beef produced in the United States will earn the top prime designation. Our selections are perfect for your grill this weekend!

Store-Marinated Meats

We have many varieties of our own store-made marinated meats.  From our honey mustard marinated chicken breasts to our famous garlic soy marinated skirt and flank steaks – there’s nothing quite like it!

Marinated Flank Steak
Jazzy Salt

Jazzy Salt

Our signature Jazzy Salt is the perfect way to add a little spice on your grill this holiday weekend! We make this delicious seasoning blend in our very own commissary kitchen. It is recommended for use on meat and poultry but you can add it to virtually anything like fresh veggies on the grill, your hamburgers and more – the possibilities are endless!

Homemade Burger Blends

Our homemade burger blends are one of the most raved about products in our meat department! Our butchers start by preparing the meats needed for each blend. We hand-trim the meat and then add it to our grinder. The meat is blended together to perfection. Once complete, the patties are formed and trayed. We wrap each burger package to seal the freshness in.

Learn more about our homemade burger blends HERE!

Store-Made Burgers
Homemade Hot Dogs

Homemade Hot Dogs

We make our hot dogs the right way, our way – from scratch. A special blend of spices is added to the batch and mixed to perfection. Our hot dogs are then stuffed into all-natural casings and twisted and tied by hand!

The hot dogs are smoked in our very own commissary kitchen until a nice golden brown color and then gently poached until fully cooked. Once cooled, we package and vacuum seal our hot dogs for freshness. Our team dedicates themselves to producing quality products with all-natural ingredients and no fillers.

Learn more about our homemade hot dogs HERE!

Signature Jumbo Shrimp

Our signature jumbo shrimp are always a staple for any occasion. These pair perfectly with some of our homemade cocktail sauce. You can order our signature jumbo shrimp cocktail through our Catering Department, grab them in our seafood department or even stop by our prepared food case for some pre-packed selections to grab and go!

Jumbo Shrimp
Lobster Salad

Lobster Salad

This delicious lobster salad makes entertaining hassle-free! If you’re guests love lobster rolls just pair with your favorite buns, serve and enjoy!

Homemade Cakes

What’s a Fourth of July celebration without a little dessert? Try one of our delicious homemade Fourth of July cakes! Our flag cakes are a store-favorite and very patriotic for this holiday weekend!

Flag Cake
Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookies, Baked Goods & More!

Our homemade clover cookies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Stop in our bakery department this Fourth of July for some delicious fresh baked goods like our cakes, cookies and more!

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