Our meat department is filled with delicious prime meats and specialty products including our homemade hot dogs and hamburgers. But did you know – we make most of our store products from scratch! Learn all about our store-made hot dogs and homemade burger blends – the perfect products to cook on your grill!

Homemade Burger Blends

Our homemade burger blends are one of the most raved about products in our meat department! Butchers start by preparing the meats needed for each blend. We hand-trim the meat and then add it to our grinder. The meat is blended together until perfection. Once complete, the patties are formed and trayed. Lastly, we wrap each burger package to seal the freshness in.

We have a variety of different burger blends to choose from in store. Signature Market Basket blend burgers are 90% lean sirloin beef. Our steak blend burgers are a combination of shell, club, sirloin and chuck steaks. A combination of skirt, brisket and chuck is mixed together to form our delicious butcher’s blend burgers. Porterhouse blend burgers are one of our absolute store favorites and encompass a combination of porterhouse, filet, short ribs and chuck! These signature burger blends are staples to add to your grill this summer!

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your burgers – give our store-made seasonings a try! Our signature Jazzy Salt is a must-have!

Store-Made Hot Dogs

We are proud to offer our very own store-made hot dogs here at  The Market Basket. Some of our store-made specialties include our all beef and pork and beef hot dogs in a natural casing. We also offer skinless hot dogs, jumbo hot dogs and our very own cheddar dog which is filled with cheddar cheese for a delicious bite!

Here at MB, we make our hot dogs the right way, our way – from scratch. We start off by grinding our lean beef in our bowl chopper. A special blend of spices is then added to the batch before it is mixed until perfection. Once all of the ingredients are combined and blended into the perfect consistency, our Wurstmachers then move on to the casing.

Finally hot dogs are then stuffed into all-natural casings and hand twisted and tied by hand! Our team dedicates themselves to producing quality products with all-natural ingredients and no fillers.

Once tied and ready to be cooked, our team assembles the hot dogs onto smoke sticks and hangs them on racks to be placed into the oven. The hot dogs are smoked in our very own commissary kitchen until a nice golden brown color and then gently poached until fully cooked. Once cooled, we package and vacuum seal our hot dogs for freshness.

You can find our hot dog selections with all of our other store-made specialties in the wall case by our meat department. Our Wurstmacher Karl also recommends adding our cheddar bacon bratwurst or our plain smoked bratwurst on your grill for something truly unique. Stop in and see all we have to offer in store!

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