Our cheese mongers know all the ins and outs of our store products. We’ve compiled our favorite selections that are sure to create the ultimate cheese board for you and your guests to enjoy!

Starting off with the cheese

You can’t have a cheese board without cheese of course! Our cheese mongers first choice would be a signature Brie. A typical light and creamy cheese, this is a must-have staple for any cheese board. Try our Fromager d’Affinois or St. Angel triple cream Brie.

Next up is some classic Red Cow Parmigiana. This cheese creates the perfect balance on your board to include a variety of different textures and flavors. Our cheese mongers say to always pair it with some of our white truffle honey for a match made in heaven!

Some of our other favorites to include are Vermont Creamery’s Goat Cheese Blueberry Log, Stilton Blue Cheese, Rosemary Asiago and our Manchego Cheese with Truffle.

Imported Antipasto

Some signature Prosciutto Di Parma always does the trick on any cheese board. We also recommend trying our San Daniele. Adding salami as well creates good contrast between your board selections. Felino salami or Columbus Genoa are our two personal favorites to include. Hot Soppresata is also a good option for those who are looking to add a little “kick” to their taste buds.

Did you know? – Almost all of our meats in our cheese department are imported straight from Italy! Be sure to ask our cheese mongers about their favorite specialty imported products.

Classic Cheese Board Staples

Cornichons and sweet mini peppers are the perfect addition to include in any cheese board as well as some Greek or Kalamata olives. Our Dalmatia Fig Spread is always a fan favorite as well. If you are looking to satisfy your taste buds with sweet and savory flavors – these are our go to products. If you’re looking for something truly different to try – our pate pairs well on a warmed slice of baguette. A mix of fresh nuts, dried fruit like apricots or even honeycomb are also great options to create a unique and delicious board.

Bonus Recommendation

If you’re searching for something truly one of a kind – our hand-pulled mozzarella is the perfect product to add to your cheese board or enjoy simply on its own. Made from scratch in our very own commissary kitchen! Our Mozzarella curd is made from fresh Wisconsin milk gathered only a few hours after milking. The curd is worked and formed by hand in an age-old process which results in a delicate, creamy, Fresh Mozzarella. This cheese also pairs perfectly with a nice balsamic glaze, fresh tomatoes and basil for a light and delicious afternoon snack.

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