Whistle Pig Maple Syrup

If you love Whistle Pig whiskey – try one of our store favorite products that is not only created through a partnership with Whistle Pig, but is also packaged in their signature custom whiskey bottles. Introducing – Whistle Pig Maple Syrup!

Maple Syrup

Whistle Pig Maple Syrup is a specialty maple syrup which is aged for 9 months in a whiskey barrel. This specialty syrup is perfect for making cocktails or enjoying on its own. It provides a very unique flavor that is savory and appealing. The maple syrup is packaged in the classic Whistle Pig bottle providing a familiar look with a very different taste.

The maple syrup is certified organic and is made in America in the state of Vermont. This maple syrup offers a new twist on normal cocktail syrups by using the collaboration of Whistle Pig whiskey and Runamok maple syrup. This combination is perfect for anyone who enjoys high end cocktails as well as anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. The two brands came together to provide you with this wonderful product. This product is perfect for cocktails and dishes providing unique flavors all around.

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